Plastic-free Deodorant

Plastic-free deodorant: another green idea from olden days, reimagined in modern ways!! Antique deodorants were plastic-free but also had lots of ingredients we now know aren’t good for us– such as boric acid! Today’s mainstream deodorant is better but still has a long way to go, with artificial ingredients and plastic containers. It’s also important… Read More Plastic-free Deodorant


Biodegradable Dental Floss

When I started VGR, my first post was about toothbrushes. I thought, let’s begin this project with the item most used at the start of everyone’s day. This research led me to discover how nylon came to replace many natural materials during and after WWII–including previously biodegradable dental floss! Nowadays, we know this mainstream nylon… Read More Biodegradable Dental Floss


Synthetic Fiber Closet Audit

Calling all type-A, checklist-loving eco-friends! I’ve created a FREE tool for readers to do your own synthetic fiber closet audit! You can download the free PDF version here and the free Word version here (You don’t need to give your email address but if you’d like to receive new posts from VGR, sign up to… Read More Synthetic Fiber Closet Audit

Shopping & Fashion

Plastic-free Clothes & Textile Recycling

When we read about plastic in the ocean, we see upsetting images of animals harmed by plastic. Or Instagram posts reminding us to forgo straws and coffee cups. But there’s one thing that’s not mentioned as much as it should be: microfiber and textile pollution. Much of our clothing today is actually made of plastic… Read More Plastic-free Clothes & Textile Recycling