3 count Organic Thong Pantyliner
3 count Organic Thong Pantyliner

3 count Organic Thong Pantyliner

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GladRags reusable cloth Pantyliners are designed for light menstrual flow, everyday protection, light stress incontinence, or as backup during your period for your menstrual cup or tampon! These breathable cotton Pantyliners are as absorbent as disposable liners.

Choose the regular Pantyliner to replace short liners with wings. Try the Pantyliner Plus for additional length and wider wings or the Thong Pantyliner if you prefer thong underwear styles. All three GladRags Pantyliner sizes are offered in conventional and organic cotton, with a variety of prints and colors to choose from!

  • GladRags organic cloth Pantyliners are best for light flow
  • As absorbent as a disposable liner
  • Good reusable option for everyday or light period protection
  • Ideal menstrual cup or tampon backup
  • Designed specifically for thongs, and includes two sets of snaps to ensure it stays in place
  • Made with 100% organic cotton fabric
  • Approx. 8" long, 2.5" wide in the middle and 1" at the thinnest (when wings are snapped)