Camping & Trail Soap
Camping & Trail Soap
Camping & Trail Soap
Camping & Trail Soap
Camping & Trail Soap
Chagrin Valley

Camping & Trail Soap

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Do you love to be outdoors but hate the bugs? Our moisturizing Camping & Trail natural soap is formulated with a powerful all-natural cocktail of essential oils known to discourage mosquitoes and other insects. Our camping soap can help keep bugs at bay without harsh chemicals that can be rough on the skin.

This natural bug repellent camping soap is tough on bugs, but gentle on skin. We infuse this moisturizing soap with nine essential oils known to deter many pesky bugs.

--Great natural bug repellent soap for campers, hikers, and gardeners
--May help with poison ivy exposure (see "How to Use" below)
--Enriched with organic cocoa butter and nourishing plant oils
--Organic oat flour helps soothe skin
--Pair camping soap with our other bug repellent products
--Jump in the shower before heading out for a hike or picnic. Bring a bar along on your next camping or backpacking trip.

Does it really work? While it works for many people, since everyone's skin chemistry is so different, there will always be someone that bugs will eternally love.

Chagrin Valley recommends showering with our camping soap before going outdoors.
You may also carry a bar with you and apply to pulse points throughout the day.
Your natural body heat will help release the scent blend into the air.

For extra protection outdoors you can even use this versatile bar as a shampoo.
Natural Organic Insect Repellent

Poison Ivy: Old fashioned lye soap has been used for years to help with poison ivy exposure. The rash from poison ivy is due to a naturally occurring oil and invisible oil called urushiol that can be found in every part of the poison ivy plant from leaves, to sap, to stems, to roots. Urushiol is the same substance that causes a rash from poison sumac and poison oak.

To prevent poison ivy rashes you need to remove the oily urushiol from your skin within an hour or two after exposure. Timely urushiol removal can prevent poison ivy skin reaction.

Use cool water, soap and the friction of a washcloth to thoroughly clean the exposed area.

If water source is not available, sprinkle a few drops of water from your water bottle onto the bar and rub it over the exposed area—just be sure to rinse off the bar so that you do not spread the irritating Urushiol oil of the poison ivy plant.

You can also mash a small amount of the soap with cool water and apply the paste to the exposed area until it can be washed.

Bring a bar along on your next camping or backpacking trip to use as a body soap, shave soap, and shampoo so the scent will linger in your hair. There are many soap makers out there with good intentions who claim that their biodegradable soap or shampoo is safe to use in rivers and streams. However, even biodegradable soap can eventually pollute lakes and streams if it is not used sparingly.

The bacteria that break down natural soap are present mostly in the soil. That means that when you wash, please be sure that your soapy rinse water ends up in the soil away from freshwater sources like lakes, rivers, and streams.