The Outdoor Citizen by John Judge
Apollo Publishers

The Outdoor Citizen by John Judge

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From world-renowned environmentalist John Judge comes an astoundingly comprehensive plan to save our planet, make the outdoors the epicenter of our communities, and commit to an active outdoor lifestyle.

In The Outdoor Citizen, John Judge coins the term "Outdoor Citizen" as he delivers an urgent call to action and a remarkably persuasive argument for why we must all become citizens of the natural world, reconnecting with life's most essential foundation, nature, and defending it, embracing it, and advocating for it.

Judge, an international leader in conservation stewardship, covers such topics as how to turn our cities into Outdoor Cities, with a wide range of green spaces, outdoor recreation activities, eco-friendly transportation, and sustainable food sources; how to globally transition to green energy sources; what environmental policies must be implemented and how to enact them; and how to fund a sustainable economy.

At a time when we are facing an unprecedented climate crisis, the continued use of carbon emissions will lead to devastating, irreversible effects on the earth. This unique and riveting volume, brimming with expert advice and case studies, is unparalleled--a game-changer for saving our planet and an entry point into a world of healthier and happier people.

Publisher: Apollo Publishers
Publish Date: April 12, 2022
Pages: 280
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Language: English
Type: Paperback