What Shade of Green Are You?

Read these tips to assess your eco-awareness!

Green-living range

Step 1: Identify your category on the spectrum below. Then locate the matching advice in each blog post for tailored green-living ideas.

In each blog post, I’ll offer 4 different options for moving toward greener living, based on what individual time, energy, and resources permit. Read the descriptions below, represented by their specific symbols, to identify which category best applies to your life. Then locate the matching advice in each blog post on the homepage for fun green-living ideas.

Beginning Bulb: Every great idea has to start somewhere. If you’re new to the zero-waste, green-living lifestyle then these options are for you. This category has easy, affordable steps to make simple, meaningful change right now!

Homegrown Green: Home is where hope lives. This category’s great for busy families with kids, pets, and eco-friendly folks focused on home life. Creating green habits at home is a great way to engage kids in fun, quality family time!

Individual Inspiration: This isn’t your first ride on the green side. If you’re already a lean, green, pollution-fighting machine then this is for you. Vegan? Duh. Compost? Piece of (worm-eaten) cake. This category’s for well-honed greenies.

whole-hearted green living

Wholehearted Habits: This category speaks to those who are ready for truly wholehearted green living. More than just tricks or tips, it gets to the heart of the matter with real, long-term commitment to systemic change in all areas of your life.

Step 2: Re-familiarize yourself with the way recycling is actually supposed to work.

VGR’s mission is to provide creative ideas for reducing and reusing plastic (moving toward zero waste) by looking to both the past and present for inspiration. What did humans do before plastic was invented? What are the best new solutions out there? Reclaimed ideas from the olden days, reimagined in modern ways, will help solve our plastic crisis.

While RECYCLING is one of the best ways to get rid of all the plastic crap we’ve already created, REDUCE and REUSE must be done first, to prevent us from falling further into this garbage vortex in the first place.

Remember those three little “Rs” from elementary school? The reason why the recycling symbol has three arrows and not just one?

Here’s a video in case you need to get RE-schooled.

  • REDUCE the amount of stuff you buy in the first place, as well as things that come in excess plastic wrap and packaging.
  • REUSE things that already exist so we aren’t sending more to the landfill and encouraging manufacturers to produce more junk to meet this perceived buyer demand.
  • RECYCLE only after trying to reduce and reuse. It’s no wonder our approach to green living isn’t as effective when most of us only rely on the last R. Can a tripod stand on just one leg?

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