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About Sarah

As the founder and owner of Vintage Green Review, Sarah Andert is bringing the zero-waste movement to New Orleans through a fun, engaging lens where history meets modern eco-friendly ideas. In turn, she’s sharing that uniquely New Orleans perspective on zero waste with the world.

Vintage Green Review is both a local zero-waste education, styling, & consulting business and an online project that explores green ideas from the olden days and how they can be reimagined in modern ways to reduce plastic waste. It combines Sarah’s two favorite loves: vintage & thrifting + eco-friendly, plastic-free ideas. Sarah’s goal is to make zero-waste fun, stylish, and friendly enough to fit a variety of lifestyles!

Plastic-free ideas, like refillable dental floss vials, take their inspiration from pre-plastic history!

Sarah is a Tulane University alumna (BA+MA), experienced program manager & education professional, former staff writer with Gambit Weekly, and current adjunct faculty member with Tulane’s Taylor Center for Social Innovation and Design Thinking. As a longtime environmentalist and animal lover, Sarah’s worked with numerous nonprofits over the years such as NWF, Sierra Club, FEMA, LSART, LA/SPCA, and the Audubon Society.

Now, as a new solo entrepreneur and female small business owner, Sarah’s building the job of her dreams, combining her leadership, education, and research skills with her capacity for creativity, home organization, renovation, and interior design. Sarah wants to help folks reduce their plastic consumption in ways that are fun, humorous, and inspired by beauty, history, and modern innovation!


The biggest opportunity to reduce waste can often be found in the kitchen–with a few simple tweaks to your shopping habits!

Sarah can help you implement a zero-waste plan for your home, tailored to your lifestyle! Whether it’s a whole-home consult, or a focused one-hour session to chat specifically about creating a zero-waste kitchen, bath, work/school, or even a pet-friendly set up, she’s here to help!

Sarah’s also available to work with nonprofits and businesses to identify opportunities to reduce waste for individual employees and the organization as a whole.

Details on specific packages, workshops, and online courses to help you adopt a lower-waste lifestyle will be coming soon! For more information about hiring Sarah, contact sarah@vintagegreenreview.com.

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