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Environmentally Friendly Readers Welcome!

Welcome to Vintage Green Review! Vintage Green Review suggests environmentally friendly ideas for everyday green living. It compares products and processes from modern life with those of the past to suggest new options for green living. This unique perspective combines a love of history and vintage with respect for modern gadgets and gizmos–with practical and entertaining recommendations!

I like doing things in smart, efficient ways that save time and energy while remaining safe for humans and animals. My goal is to support the environment by living a zero-waste, vegan life while reducing my carbon footprint–and to share ways you can do this, too, no matter your lifestyle!

Vintage Green Review brings the past and the present together. It offers reclaimed ideas from the olden days re-imagined in modern ways for a healthy, green life. So, I hope you enjoy reading! You can also subscribe to our email list for weekly posts delivered straight to your inbox. I look forward to your comments as I take on this new project!

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