About Vintage Green Review

Vintage Green Review helps you live a vibrant, low waste lifestyle with vintage-inspired solutions that make sustainability fun and interesting. We research & review time-tested ideas from history to help you reduce waste, and we sell eco-friendly products inspired by life before plastic.

What is zero waste?

The goal of a low waste (or zero waste) lifestyle is to reduce the amount of waste you send to the landfill, ultimately to zero trash, through buying less, composting more, and recycling better. Specifically, we also aim to reduce the amount of plastic waste we create as consumers because plastic never biodegrades or goes away, whether thrown in the trash or recycle bin.

To help, people are moving toward a zero waste or low waste, plastic-free lifestyle by purchasing things package-free, and choosing reusable products made of more sustainable & recyclable materials like glass, metal, wood, jute, or bamboo, instead of plastic.

What we believe

Here at VGR we also believe that the lowest possible impact you can have on the environment is to buy items secondhand if possible, before choosing new products made of those same materials.

vintage inspired sustainability
It's the reason why we curate a beautiful selection of secondhand and vintage zero waste items that serve the same purpose as new zero waste products. Making new stuff, even if it's reusable, still requires water and energy to produce, plus carbon emissions from the multi-step supply chain process required to get those things made and then sent to you. 

Our Products

Our goal is to make the buying process simpler and more transparent.
zero waste bread bagWe source and store all of our secondhand items locally so there's no additional supply chain steps. Of course, some things you don't want to buy secondhand, like a toothbrush, so we have new eco-friendly products too! Any new items we sell are sourced for the lowest possible impact and will include all details about where they came from & how they were made.

And, we always ship in zero waste packaging. See our shipping notes in our item listings for more details.

How to Buy from Vintage Green Review

Currently we are operating as an online e-commerce store, shipping within the U.S. and Canada. During non COVID times, we also sell at pop-ups and local markets in the New Orleans area. Currently, we offer free local pickup to New Orleans residents from our home-based office. We hope to have an official brick & mortar store at some point in the future!