Low Waste & Sustainable Halloween Treats

Check out this mini Halloween recipe round up for some quick vegan and gluten-free alternatives to plastic-laden commercial candies!

If you ARE getting store-bought candy this year, scroll to the bottom to find a list of brands that are palm-oil free!

Popcorn Balls 5 Ways

Healthy Monster Mouth Apple Bites

2-Ingredient Payday Bites 


Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies


(Also Gluten-Free & Vegan) Ginger Biscotti with Chocolate


Guides & Resources for Palm-Oil Free and Sustainable Palm-Oil Candies

Why is palm-oil bad for the environment, harming Orangutans & their habitat? Check out these links to learn more, and use these graphics to choose more sustainable candies this Halloween.

Bonus: buy candy that's also in cardboard, like Nerds or Dots, instead of plastic wrap.

Click this picture below to download the PDF to share at work, school, or wherever!

 More info on Palm Oil and Orangutan Health: