Next Day Delivery with Bottle Return


1.) To order prefilled items for next day delivery,  you'll need to visit the Bulk Refill Menu  page. There you can click on any refill product with a link to choose set sizes with flat prices to add to your cart.

2.) You can also add any additional items you want from the website to be included in your delivery.  Please note I cannot SHIP refills (only local delivery). If shipping is selected, the refills will be refunded. You may, however, order refills for local pickup as well.

3.) Proceed to checkout page. Your order must be at or above the $35 delivery minimum to activate the option for delivery. 

At first, you'll only see the regular "ship" or "local pickup" options. Select ship, enter your address, and click "continue to shipping" as show in the photo below.

4.) On the next page you should see the option for local delivery to select if your zip code is included in the delivery area. The higher your order total, the lower the delivery fee (see cost info below, $3.99- $9.99)

ORDERS SUBMITTED BY 12:00pm CT (Monday -Thursday) WILL BE DELIVERED THE NEXT DAY. Orders submitted after 12:00pm will go out the next delivery day.

Example: Order at 10:00am on Wednesday, items are delivered on Thursday. Order at 1:00pm on Wednesday, items are delivered on Friday. 

ORDERS SUBMITTED BY 12:00pm CT on Fridays WILL BE DELIVERED MONDAY. After 12:00pm and they will be delivered Tuesday.

ANY ORDERS SUBMITTED on Saturday or Sunday (regardless of time) WILL BE DELIVERED TUESDAY



Current areas eligible for next day delivery.

If you're unsure if your zipcode falls within the delivery area, begin the check out process (but don't pay yet!) and enter your address to see if the delivery option becomes available. Order total must be $35 or greater.



Delivery fee includes:

  • Convenience of having bottles filled for you in advance

  • The cost of the product itself + a refundable bottle deposit 

  • Return of the bottles to the shop on your next order

  • Commercial sanitizing of the bottles

  • The satisfaction of knowing you are participating in a closed loop reuse system with all-natural, cruelty-free sustainable products

  • AND keeping your carbon footprint lower than traditional shipping by supporting another local Louisiana business, D'Livery, which already has routes in these areas!

Fee Schedule: 

    Please note there is a $35 order minimum for delivery. One way to save on delivery fees is to buddy up with a friend, roommate, coworker or neighbor! 

    Order total

     Delivery fee

    $75.01 + 


    $50.01 - $75


    $35 - $50



    Return of bottles and refund of the bottle deposit works one of two ways:

    1.) Have your empty bottles ready to be picked up on your next order. Hand them directly to the driver when your new order is delivered so they're not mistaken for trash or taken by someone else.

    When the bottles get back to the store, the refund will be credited back to the original form of payment, and the bottles will be sanitized and reused. OR

    2.) Return empty bottle to the store in person and get your deposit refund back on original form of payment. 

    Bottle deposit refund amounts to be credited back with bottle return:

    8 oz bottles: $1.00 ea
    16 oz bottles: $2.00 ea
    32 oz bottles: $2.00 ea
    64 oz/ half gallon growlers: $2.00 ea

    BOTTLE USE. Do not use the bottles for any purpose other than storing the refills you have purchased from the store--if bottles are damaged or altered this will forfeit the bottle deposit refund.

    DAY OF DELIVERY. Given that this is a new small business, we do not yet have real time tracking on the day of delivery so our best estimates for delivery window are normal business hours.

    Please choose a delivery address where someone will be there to receive the delivery during business hours. We are not responsible and cannot cover or refund the cost of stolen deliveries if no one is there to accept them. If no one can be home, you assume responsibility for any stolen or broken items. Items will be well-wrapped in paper cushion but are packed in wine bottle carriers. If there are glass refills with liquids, they cannot be thrown over a fence. Please note any additional special instructions when you place your order.