Plastic-Free July

Join Vintage Green Review in pledging to be plastic-free for the month of July! I'll be posting more resources here throughout the month for your Plastic-Free July Journey (including things like low-waste plastic-free dinner recipes, zero waste home tips and more!)

We'll also be doing giveaways and some other events to bolster our efforts such as Plastic-Free July Bingo Check out the info below and stay tuned for more.

You can also follow along on Instagram @Vintagegreenreview for more Plastic-Free July Tips throughout the month.

Obtain bingo (five in a row) throughout the month of July to be entered to win a gift card to the shop! Bingo cards must returned by 7/31/21. You can drop off in person or send a photo to


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What exactly is Plastic-Free July anyway, check out the video below and go to to join thousands of other individuals around the world in refusing single use plastic!


Looking for Low-Waste Meals that also meet other dietary goals?

As you might be noticing this month, so much of our plastic waste comes from food, especially if you have dietary restrictions some of those processed alternatives can be plastic-heavy.

Check out the PDF linked below that I put together on Canva for TWENTY Days of Low-Waste, Vegan, Whole30 compliant/adaptable meal ideas.


Back in January, I attempted to do the Whole30 diet reset for the month as a low-waste vegan, and documented my efforts in the pinned stories in my Instagram profile @vintagegreenreview

I also promised that I'd put together a meal plan with all the recipes I used, but then I ended up opening a STORE (yeesh!) and totally forgot about it, so sorry!!

So this meal plan is still a work in progress and it's not a full month, but if you're looking for a place to start, I recommend checking it out. As I mentioned back in January, when I cook at home I cook almost exclusively from Angela Liddon's Oh She Glows cookbooks. They're all very healthy, vegan, fresh (not processed) and you can also find a lot of gluten-free and nut-free options there as well. (No association, or sponsorship, she's just great!)

Note: her blog isn't updated as frequently as some others but she recently published a new cookbook that's ALL Dinner recipes. They're great but not as simple as her very first book-- the one with the carrots on the cover-- that I'd recommend above the other two.

When you check out the meal plan, you'll see there's room to be more creative with breakfasts and lunch. I tend to do a lot of smoothies or just bakery-bread toast with peanut butter when I'm not avoiding gluten. Lunches are often dinner leftovers from the night before, fruit, nuts, pickles, that kind of thing, just to make it easy on myself. Many of the dinner recipes are easy to double to get more mileage. 

Enjoy and tag Vintage Green Review if you share any zero waste meals this month!