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Lint Remover
Heather H.
Great for my floor rugs

You have to be careful what you use this on. I thought it would remove the pilling from my woven couch cushions, but it just picked at the fabric. However, it worked FABULOUSLY removing dog hair from my rugs, and it also helped where the carpets were matted, and I was able to vacuum them well for the first time in ages,

Bamboo Toilet Paper
Frances M.B.

I am delighted to find the environmentally friendly articles I am looking for in a local store.

Works great!

After I finally used up all my Costco dishwasher pods, we made the switch to bulk dishwasher pods from VGR. They work great and will be purchasing again!

Love the Swedish dish clothe
Use it everyday

Love this!!

This product has helped me use so many fewer DISH TOWELS (as well as paper towels) because it is easy to rinse and wring out.

NOTpaper Towels-Multiple Options!
Heather H.
Amazing product

I love these not-paper towels. Right after purchasing them, I came down with COVID and ended up using these are tissues because they were so soft on my nose. I also use them for dinner napkins. They did not get crusty like other hand towels I have used. I plan to buy in other patterns for each room of my house.

Love these!

Really easy to use, no waste whatsoever, just as good as regular detergent

Little Otter Lip Balm
Lip Balm

Nice little lip balm!

Handmade Catnip Mouse Toy
Julia C.R.
Cute cat toy!

I thought these looked super cute so I bought one for my mom's cat. She isn't usually into toys but she started playing with it and loving it up. We're happy :-)

Kitty approved!

My cat loves his new toy. To see him play with it is just too funny and it's good for him to get the exercise.

Great place

Loved the variety and info the personnel shared
Swedish clothe is great

Rustic Strength Liquid Laundry Prefilled REFILL
Elizabeth S.J.
Love this laundry detergent

Smells lovely and it's incredibly nice to have a sustainable bulk refill option for detergent! Thank you!

Coconut Deodorant Stick: Citrus Mint, 1.5 fl oz
Elizabeth S.J.
Great deoderant!

Clean-feeling, lasts a long time. Feels great!


For some reason I thought this might not be a good match and that not having access to multiple swabs might drive me crazy, but the texture of the swap is great and consistent with use after cleaning. I haven't needed cotton swabs since!

Love love love it

This ear swab feels sooo much better than your typical cotton swabs, especially if you use a little hot water to warm it up. Easy to clean, works effectively and I can use it as often as I want without feeling guilty that I’m wasting a cotton swab . Such an easy solution for a more sustainable lifestyle.

To go utensils

To be honest I came in for some specific “to go” utensils. A friend introduced me to the shop for that but after going in I can’t wait to go back and explore! Truly a shop made for me!

NOTpaper Towels-Multiple Options!
Visa C.
NOTpaper towels

These work great and are so cute! I’ll probably get more next time I’m in the shop. Sarah is super nice and helpful!

Easy, works great

convenient pods!

Eco-friendly Laundry Detergent Sheets (Ocean Breeze Scent)
Susan S.
Easy and smell great!

We use two sheets for larger loads, one sheet for small to medium loads.

Soothe Shampoo & Conditioner Bars
HiBar is HiQuality

Gotta love HiBar shampoo and conditioners. The conditions last FOREVER. I think I’ve been through at least 3 or 4 shampoo bars and I’m still on my first conditioner bar. I follow the CGM (Curly Girl Method) so I don’t use anything containing sulfates, silicones or parabens. I also HATE plastic packaging. Just so y’all know, it’s HARD to find high quality, plastic free CGM approved products. This is where HiBar comes in. Their products are amazing. Not only do the conditioner bars last forever, they work, well. Same for the shampoos. I generally use the volume bars, but my scalp does tend to enjoy some extra care from time to time so I decided to pick up the sooth bar. I am not disappointed. It leaves my scalp feeling fresh and my hair looking and feeling amazing. Super happy with the product, will definitely purchase again.

Compostable Cat Litter Bags- Bundle of 50
Jennifer W.
Great buy. Will buy again.

These bags are excellent. They’re strong and have never ripped. I scoop multiple days into the same bag and fill it right to the top. I’ve purchased these multiple times and will continue to.

dishwasher pods


Love the glitter!

I got to use the glitter recently. It stayed on my skin and looked super cute.

So happy to have them in New Orleans

As someone who loves to focus on sustainability, but needs fluoride due to past dental work, I was so happy to find a local business that had one of my favorite products. I have also gotten cleaning supplies, biodegradable glitter, and other amazing products that help me live more sustainably! I have yet to be disappointed by anything they have in store and Sarah, the owner, is always very helpful!!

Very good products but my clothing is so stained, it needs something stronger.
My favorite so far is the shampoo in soap.