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excellent customer service and great products at affordable prices! will definitely continue ordering from VGR! Love it!

Single layer loofah dish sponge

These work well and feel good in your hand. One side is rougher than the other which is perfect for scrubbing. Don’t know yet how long one will last but I know I can throw it in the compost when it’s worn out.

Great place!

Wonderful place to fill your house with sustainable and environment friendly goods!

Toothpaste Tabs with Fluoride!

I’ve wanted to make the switch to toothpaste tabs for a while, but I could never find any with fluoride. I was so excited to finally find some, and at a local store to boot! These leave my mouth feeling clean and super minty.

LOVE these toothpaste Tabs!

My teeth have felt their cleanest in YEARS since I made this switch.

Amazing product all around!

This little bag has been perfect for me as I have lots of soap pieces that I’ve been able to save and use! As an exfoliant it is not too scratchy/rough and not too soft. Definitely a must for anyone who uses bar soap or wants to start.

Perfect Travel/Purse Bug Repellant!

The all natural bug repellant stick is amazing. I can easily stash it in my purse, it glides on smoothly, and the smell is not overpowering as many repellants tend to be. Keeps the mosquitos away too! Thanks Vintage Green Review!

Smells delicious and is great for a little calf massage after a recent n! It’s also very light s I don’t feel sticky after using.

Love them!

My dishes are so clean! I like them more than the dishwashing detergent from the store. I only bought a few to test them out, will definitely buy more!

Lotion Bars
Sharon L.
Lotion bar delivers but is difficult to apply

Once on, the product feels GREAT on my skin and has a wonderful subtle scent. My husband commented on how good I smelled & asked if I was wearing a new perfume! But, it’s a little difficult to apply. If you can live with that (I can), then you’ll be pleased.

Stain Remover Bar Works Great

The Stain Remover Bar works great and comes in paper packaging -- no plastic. I tested it against Shout and Oxyclean and it actually removed a big stain on my husband's white linen shirt better than Shout or Oxyclean. So nice to find environmentally sustainable products that really, really work!

Cast Iron Conditioner
Victoria H.M.
Cast iron conditioner

I like this product a lot. All my cast iron has been scrubbed and conditioned better than it has been in years. Good stuff!

Great buy!

The dishwashing block cleans great and lasts!

Nice soft toothbrush

I love that they're fully compostable, including the packaging.

Perfect Mother's Day Gift

This was the perfect impromptu gift for mom. Lately she has been having a constant runny nose. I love the design of the tissue packet. The divider is such that you can keep soiled linen in the same device but separate from clean linen...bought one for me too!

Biodegradable Glitter Awesomeness

This glitter is just as Fun and Sparkly as any other but guilt free since its biodegradable. And unlike other glitter I don't find it all over my house. Easy to apply and washes off with just water.

Excellent To-Go Ware #Sustainable #CSR

I love my to-go ware! I use them frequently. The sheath is perfect for storage.

Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent Sheets

First time trying these and absolutely loved them. The ease and their ability to clean are fantastic. The no plastic packing is spot on!! Will definitely buy again.

Love the new lunchbox

The stainless steel snack stack lunchbox is so compact & well made. I am slowly getting rid of Tupperware & zip locks and this lunch box is key. I also got the two stainless steel side snack containers. My daughter loves the look and I am happy to get farther & farther away from plastic. I also like that it can go in the dishwasher. Two thumbs up for this.

Such a great green swap

Love the 2 I bought - I've been working to reach for these instead of paper towels and it's paying off!

I love the dish washing block. A little soap can go a long way. I definitely recommend it

Great hair ties

The hair ties are nice and wide and don’t get tangled in your hair. And they are cute and very durable. When the time comes-I will buy again.

Exactly what I needed

I got the donut bag clips and there was a minor learning curve the first time I used them. Since then, they are amazing and I'm using them all over the house.

A wonderful addition to Magazine Street that makes you feel good, too

This lovely store is very thoughtfully stocked with sustainable and recycled things at reasonable prices. This is how we should be shopping to respect our planet and our neighbors. They have everything from items for the table to gorgeous skins care from Madonna Lilly. Save a couple of bucks and bring your own glass jars or plastic containers to be filled with wonderful things.