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I love the dish washing block. A little soap can go a long way. I definitely recommend it

Great hair ties

The hair ties are nice and wide and don’t get tangled in your hair. And they are cute and very durable. When the time comes-I will buy again.

Exactly what I needed

I got the donut bag clips and there was a minor learning curve the first time I used them. Since then, they are amazing and I'm using them all over the house.

A wonderful addition to Magazine Street that makes you feel good, too

This lovely store is very thoughtfully stocked with sustainable and recycled things at reasonable prices. This is how we should be shopping to respect our planet and our neighbors. They have everything from items for the table to gorgeous skins care from Madonna Lilly. Save a couple of bucks and bring your own glass jars or plastic containers to be filled with wonderful things.


Happened upon this treasure of a shop . . . They advocate a great mission to help save Mother Earth. . .
Visit them. . . . Make a purchase . . . Join the Tribe!

Great products!

I stopped into Vintage Green to look around while I waited for some friends. I was so excited when I realized that all the products were sustainable and so useful. I love using the stainless steel storage container for taking lunch to work and for camping. The bamboo utensils were the perfect compliment! I also purchased a new set of wool dryer balls. ..perfect for fluffing my clothes in the dryer and helping them dry quicker. The salesperson was very helpful and knowledgeable. Great addition to Magazine St!

EcoCoconut Scourers Twin Pack

Vegan Wax Wraps

This is my first time using the Vegan Wax Wraps. I really like them and find that they work well. I feel better knowing that there will be less baggies and plastic wrap in the landfill.

Quality items

Everything about Vintage Green is quality. I purchased several items-a stainless steel food container and some neat dish cloths. Not only were these items reusable and well-made, they also came packaged in biodegradable materials along with arriving quickly. This company walks the talk. Needless to say I am a big fan!

Telescopic Stainless Steel Straw & Brush

Telescopic Stainless Steel Straw & Brush

Reusable 100% Cotton Facial Rounds - Multiple Options!

Junco reusable snack bag

Love the reusable snack bag - it works well or more than just a sandwich and I feel so much better than reaching for yet another plastic baggie.

Telescopic Stainless Steel Straw & Brush

This straw is compact, sturdy, easy to carry and has its own convenient brush to clean it with!! It’s reusable for as long as you don’t lose it.
It’s perfect!

Reusable Cloth Holiday Napkins (Set of 4)

Cute and fun napkins for Thanksgiving. Well made.

Reusable NOTpaper Towels: Camping!

I've been using the makeup pads for a while now and I love them so I decided to try out the towels, too! They are great! Just like it says, they are more absorbent after the first wash, but even before that they were effective at picking up my kitchen messes :)

I've had a set of these that I use daily so I decided to pick some up as Christmas presents this year. Love them!

Reusable NOTpaper Towels: Camping!

The towels are cute and a fun alternative to paper.

Reusable NOTpaper Towels: Baby Animals

They're cute, a nice option to have instead if paper towels.

Super fast shipping and the rounds are really soft. My only complaint is that they aren't absorbent so it makes it hard to apply makeup remover/face cleanser without it just spilling off.

Thank you Haley! The rounds will become more absorbent over time, once they are washed. All fabric has a coating on it when it's made, that will wear off. Wash a few times and they will increase their absorbency. In the meantime, hold the pad over the cleanser bottle a little longer to absorb. Thank you!

Works better than a cotton round and they are easy to clean. I just toss mine in the wash with my other delicates