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Reusable straw and keychain case

Love this little straw and gifted a few to my kids' teachers as an appreciation gift and they love them!

The smell of the candle

I love the smell of this candle it’s so relaxing 💕


This deodorant works well, lasts all day, and smells great! A lot of deodorants irritate my skin, and this one doesn’t.

Great customer service

I ordered a gift card for my sister and had trouble with my spam filter blocking the email. I called the shop and Sarah responded remarkably quickly to resolve the issue. Very Happy

Great little trio

Nice little storage trio good for snacks of various sizes

Love these clips!

They work very well, are not plastic, and are also stylish!

Great conditioner bar

The conditioner bar has a learning curve, but it leaves my hair feeling great and I would totally repurchase it.

Toilet Brush

I’ve been slowly moving to plastic free alternatives over the past few years. The sustainability factor gets somewhat muddled when you have to special order plastic free items so I’m excited to have this shop in my neighborhood.

The toilet brush works great, much better than plastic!

Love this shop!

I run the boutique next door and Sarah is getting me hooked on her items! I'm slowly transitioning to bulk refill hand and dish soaps and love the Swedish Dishcloths.

Lovely smell

I have been using this deodorant bar for the last few weeks and am surprised at how well it's worked. It is sufficient in keeping my underarms smelling lovely. My only complaint is the loose bar application. I am looking for ways to put it in an old deodorant container or getting a holder of some sort. Other than that it's wonderful!

Ah yess, same here! We are experimenting with various options and hope to come up with something that works soon and is easy to hold for application. For now we have some facial square seconds that we can give out free of charge to help a little bit-- for anyone who's previously purchased the bar and needs one too :)

Works pretty good

I bought and used the conditioner bar and so far I have no complaints. Its less of a messy process because I just rub the bar unto my hair. My hair feels moisturized.

Like the tablets easy to use and dissolve.

Don’t have to carry bottle of mouthwash traveling! Like the scent. I use to disinfect my mouth guard too. Great product

Toilet Brush

I'm always looking for ways to reduce my dependence on plastic and this brush is a fantastic alternative! I love the bamboo handle and the wooden appearance it gives to my bathroom decor. It had a large brush head that helps clean all areas of my toilet. I would 100% recommend this brush!

Great shopping experience

The owner is always so helpful with explaining things! I am so glad you opened her business and will definitely come again!


I pocket reviewed you 😂

Great reusable bags!

Excellent produce bags – I've phased out the plastic ones and am using these instead now.

Smooth as butter!

Having a sustainable store in New Orleans makes my heart happy! I've been looking for an alternative to plastic disposable razors for a while now and I'm very pleased with the Rockwell R1: Double Edge Safety Razor. It has a nice weight to it and a clean look. It's not too small and leaves my skin feeling smooth and clean.




excellent customer service and great products at affordable prices! will definitely continue ordering from VGR! Love it!

Single layer loofah dish sponge

These work well and feel good in your hand. One side is rougher than the other which is perfect for scrubbing. Don’t know yet how long one will last but I know I can throw it in the compost when it’s worn out.

Great place!

Wonderful place to fill your house with sustainable and environment friendly goods!

Toothpaste Tabs with Fluoride!

I’ve wanted to make the switch to toothpaste tabs for a while, but I could never find any with fluoride. I was so excited to finally find some, and at a local store to boot! These leave my mouth feeling clean and super minty.

LOVE these toothpaste Tabs!

My teeth have felt their cleanest in YEARS since I made this switch.

Amazing product all around!

This little bag has been perfect for me as I have lots of soap pieces that I’ve been able to save and use! As an exfoliant it is not too scratchy/rough and not too soft. Definitely a must for anyone who uses bar soap or wants to start.

Perfect Travel/Purse Bug Repellant!

The all natural bug repellant stick is amazing. I can easily stash it in my purse, it glides on smoothly, and the smell is not overpowering as many repellants tend to be. Keeps the mosquitos away too! Thanks Vintage Green Review!