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To Go Rectangle 25oz - Clear Silicone Lid.

New way to shampoo

Actually, the old way, but this solid shampoo bar does a great job.


I was hoping to switch to the reusable ones, but I missed the cotton. These bamboo cotton swabs are perfect alternatives to other cotton swabs.

Just like other toilet paper!

The only difference is that it's not bleached, so it's more of a brown color instead of white.

Set of 3 Reusable Coffee Filters - 100% Cotton

Great products! And no plastic!

The shampoo and conditioner bars work every bit as good as any shampoo or conditioner I have bought in a plastic bottle and no plastic! My hair feels great and looks clean and healthy. And no plastic! Yay.

Beauty Box Gift Set
Ryan C.
Very happy!

The box went over very well with my wife! I got the package in just a few days which was great. The packaging is thoughtful and efficient and I appreciated the personalized note :-)

Dog Loved It!

Got it as a Christmas gift for my cousin's little dog and apparently their dog loved it!

I love scrubby!

Great for cleaning cast iron pans!

Unpaste Tabs with Fluoride (125 tabs, 2 month supply)

Dishwashing Hand Brush

Love my skillet socks

These skillet socks are one of the best inventions of the modern age as far as I am concerned. Mine are used on iron skillets and more. I have all metal stainless steel cookware. The upside is it goes straight to the dishwasher with no worries about plastic parts cracking. The downside is I often get burned if my potholder slips. With skillet socks, I have no worries about burns. Love this product!

Vintage Green Review is my "go to" for great products for myself and gifts for others.

Good sponges!

Work well for dishes and cleaning

Good quality!

The rolls last about as long the bigger/thicker "conventional" paper rolls I used to buy. (Only complaint: the boxes they come in fall apart too easily – they should use better glue and/or redesign the way they fold.)

Love these compostable bags!

These nifty little environmentally friendly bags are great for small clean-up jobs. Moisture doesn’t seep through and they are sturdy. They work great for scooping cat litter & for gathering other compostables to take to Compost-NOW drop-off sites.

Smells great!

I adore the smell of this and the feel is great, however when I ran it foamed up.

What a find!

I love Vintage Green Review! The location is convenient for me and Sarah has been increasing her offerings as her business grows. My family is actively trying to reduce our trash and recycling impact. We use the Hi-bar shampoos and have just started with the laundry soap. It took a couple of trys with these and other shampoos to find what we like, but that was also true for liquid products that come in plastic bottles.

Bamboo Toilet Paper

Fresh and Smooth

The Desert Rose & Citrus scent is refreshing and the cubed deodorant stick makes it easy to apply.

Stainless steel tongue cleaner

It works great, much better than a spoon!

not strong enough

Hey Sarah, meant to email you about this! The smell, feel, and ease of application of the stick was super nice. Alas, it’s not strong enough for NOLA bugs. I was bitten copiously even after just a minute of putting it on in my friend’s yard and had to resort to her stronger aerosol spray.

Hi Isabella,
I'm so sorry the bug stick didn't work for you. I've found that the best way to use it is to cover any exposed skin and rub it in as you would with sunscreen-- creating a physical barrier with the layer of lotion in addition to the scent being a repellent. Of course, with debris everywhere after the storm and all the bug situation is definitely worse than normal for here too. Hope that helps!

Reusable straw and keychain case

Love this little straw and gifted a few to my kids' teachers as an appreciation gift and they love them!

Tequila Sunrise Soy Candle
Joette A.
The smell of the candle

I love the smell of this candle it’s so relaxing 💕


This deodorant works well, lasts all day, and smells great! A lot of deodorants irritate my skin, and this one doesn’t.

Great customer service

I ordered a gift card for my sister and had trouble with my spam filter blocking the email. I called the shop and Sarah responded remarkably quickly to resolve the issue. Very Happy