Reg Mouth 16 oz Mason Jar with Lid
Reg Mouth 16 oz Mason Jar with Lid
Reg Mouth 16 oz Mason Jar with Lid
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Reg Mouth 16 oz Mason Jar with Lid

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This is the ubiquitous jar that launched the zero waste movement! Early zero waste adopters who "quit plastic" would put anything they couldn't recycle or compost in this 16 oz. mason jar---years worth of trash in one tiny jar!!

Even better: these are secondhand/ vintage jars never used & upcycled from a local estate sale/ single owner.

But you can use it to carry snacks, drinks, and even coffee with one of our crochet cozies handmade from recycled yarn!

Do the planet more good by not making new stuff!

Regular mouth, opening approx. 2.25" diameter
5.25" high

If using to freeze single servings of soup, liquid or other perishables, only fill to the 12 oz so food has room to expand.

If using for bulk groceries, weigh the jar empty and write the tare on the lid so the weight is subtracted from your purchase. Most grocery stores prefer lbs as the unit of measurement


Jar: Clean by hand or dishwasher

Lid: hand wash & dry

End of Life

This product should last forever with proper care. However, it can be recycled with metal and glass recycling if broken or unusable.