Stainless Steel Snack Stack Lunchbox (Tiffin)
Stainless Steel Snack Stack Lunchbox (Tiffin)

Stainless Steel Snack Stack Lunchbox (Tiffin)

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Featuring two stackable tiers, this stainless steel lunchbox has the flexibility to pack a big meal or multiple snacks, and the self-latching lid doubles as a plate. No time to cook, no problem! Ask for food to-go in your sustainable lunch box (and be the envy of all the other patrons).

Use for storing left over food, packing food to go, or basic food storage needs. Let hot food cool to room temperature before securing lid

Holds approximately 2 cups, for the top unit; 2.5 cups, bottom unit.

4.75" H x 5” D (5 1/2" D, including latches)

Made of 200 14/1 grade stainless steel, safe & nonleaching, BPA & phthalate-free, it has a sturdy latching system, and the lid doubles as an extra plate.


Dishwasher / oven safe. Do not put in the microwave.

End of Life

With proper care this should last a lifetime but if it becomes damaged beyond repair it is 100% recyclable.