Better Life Tub & Tile Cleaner Pre-filled REFILL all purpose cleaner Better Life 16 fl oz
Better Life Tub & Tile Cleaner Pre-filled REFILL all purpose cleaner Better Life
Better Life

Tub & Tile Cleaner

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Does not include a sprayer, which can be purchased separately here.

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About Better Life Tub & Tile Cleaner:

BETTER LIFE Naturally Bathroom-Brightening Tub & Tile Cleaner dissolves soap scum, rust, and hard water stains without any fumes or funny fragrances. Celebrate your sparkling bathroom and shower by splashing, shampooing, and singing freely.  With biodegradable ingredients that are gentle on the planet, you can feel good about bringing this product home.

Made in the U.S.A, Cruelty-Free, Naturally Scented 

Free from: 

sodium laurel sulfates
sodium laureth sulfates
petroleum solvent
synthetic fragrance

How to Use:

Spray it on tile, grout, fixtures, sinks, toilet seats, and tubs, or on your shower's walls, doors, and curtains.


Purified Water

Source: Local source
Purpose: Consistency
CAS Number:7732-18-5

Decyl glucoside

Source: Corn and coconut oil
Purpose: Cleaning agent, surfactant
CAS Number:68515-73-1

Lauryl Glucoside

Source: Corn and Coconut Oil
Purpose: Cleaning agenst, surfactant
CAS Number:110615-47-9

Citric acid

Source: Citrus fruit
Purpose: pH adjustment
CAS Number:77-92-9

Lactic acid

Source: Corn
Purpose: Cleaning agent
CAS Number:50-21-5

Sodium gluconate

Source: Fermentation of glucose
Purpose: Water softener
CAS Number:527-07-1

Sodium citrate

Source: Mineral
Purpose: Cleaning agent
CAS Number:68-04-2

Melaleuca alternifolia oil

Source: Tea tree
Purpose: Cleaning properties, natural scent
CAS Number:68647-73-4

Eucalyptus globulus leaf oil

Source: Eucalyptus leaf
Purpose: Natural scent
CAS Number:8000-48-4

Mentha piperita oil

Source: Peppermint
Purpose: Natural scent
CAS Number:84082-70-2

Alkyl Polyglucoside

Source: Coconut and Palm Oil
Purpose: Cleaning Agent, Surfactant
CAS Number:Proprietary

Coco betaine

Source: Coconut oil
Purpose: Surfactant
CAS Number:68424-94-2

Citrus aurantifolia extract

Source: Lime
Purpose: Natural scent
CAS Number:90063-52-8

Cymbopogon schoenanthus oil

Source: Lemongrass
Purpose: Natural scent
CAS Number:8007-02-1

Acrylates Copolymer

Source: Synthetic
Purpose: Stabilizer
CAS Number:Proprietary


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