Facial Rounds Sample Set: Smores Party!
Facial Rounds Sample Set: Smores Party!
Facial Rounds Sample Set: Smores Party!
Facial Rounds Sample Set: Smores Party!
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Facial Rounds Sample Set: Smores Party!

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This set of facial rounds is discounted because has some quirks- due to the small size of the fabric remnant we tried to use up all of it, so the rounds have a bit more curves and less consistent shape than is typical. 

There's also a small amount of bunching on a few of the rounds, which should not impact performance. 

Cute, fun Smores campfire pattern.

Set includes 9 instead of the typical 10.

These washable, reusable 100% cotton facial rounds are made with unused, rescued flannel remnants and are fully compostable at their end of life! They can be used as makeup remover pads or for toner or other skincare products. 

Our rounds are also made with cotton thread rather than polyester (which is plastic). You'll see that this requires a slightly higher price than some other rounds out there, but we think it's worth it in order to have a fully compostable product!

Set of 9 rounds. Each round measures approx. 2.5” x 2.5” . Each round is handmade with rounded/ irregular corners to save fabric.

Each round will also vary slightly with the portion of pattern print picture, though we try to make sure there's a variety!

Rounds are made with two layers of cotton flannel.

*Please note ---> once you wash them they will become more absorbent over time and the thread will become more snug. Just skip the dryer sheets because they leave a coating behind that reduces ability to absorb.


Machine wash, preferably in cold water (that's also better for the environment!) These are 100% cotton including the thread, so there's no need to put them in a laundry bag to catch plastic microfibers.

Skip the dryer sheets with these-- dryer sheets create a coating that make them less absorbent. However, you can of course use zero waste wool dryer balls!

It helps to put these in a small mesh laundry bag to keep track of them, but not necessary. We wash ours with towels so the rounds are easy to spot when we take it all from the dryer.

End of Life

This product should last for a long time with proper care, but the fabric and thread are 100% compostable, just cut into smaller scraps. Or find a nearby textile recycling or Terracycle bin to recycle them.