Dead Sea Salt & Oatmeal Body Scrub body care Madonna Lily Body Scrub with Full new container
Dead Sea Salt & Oatmeal Body Scrub body care Madonna Lily
Dead Sea Salt & Oatmeal Body Scrub body care Madonna Lily
Madonna Lily

Dead Sea Salt & Oatmeal Body Scrub, 8 oz

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Hydration and healing go hand in hand with Madonna Lily Dead Sea Salt+Oatmeal Scrub. Loaded with natural exfoliants, this body scrub is sure to leave your skin feeling soft and reinvigorated!

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8 oz

Instructions: Hop in the shower and get your skin wet. Turn water off. Apply scrub all over body with gentle circular motions. Rinse completely when done.


Use 1-3 times/week, depending on your skin type. For sensitive skin, use less often.

There is no need to moisturize after using the scrub.

Don’t over scrub or use too much pressure - you can irritate your skin.

Ingredients: dead sea salt, shea butter, coconut oil, oats, raw honey, castile soap, jasmine flower, lavender flower, jasmine oil, lavender oil, citric acid, vitamin E, vanilla extract.

DEAD SEA SALT- High in minerals that reduce inflammation, purify pores, strengthen skin tissue and fight off oxidation in the skin cells. Also works to eliminate toxins and balance your skins’ natural PH levels.

OATMEAL- Particularly known for soothing and healing, we use steel cut organic oats which are high in antioxidant properties that can rehabilitate skin damaged by UV rays or pollution. Oats are suitable for all skin types, including those prone to acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

SHEA BUTTER- Stimulates collagen production which helps grow new cells to replace and restore dead skin cells. Contains vitamins A, E, F, & D and is widely considered one of the best anti aging agents for the skin.

HONEY- Antibacterial and antiseptic, naturally cleanses and absorbs impurities from your pores. Raw honey is known to speed up healing properties of the skin and can even help fade scars.

COCONUT OIL- Rich in fatty acids that create a protective moisturizing layer which is optimal for dry, rough or wrinkled skin. Naturally antibacterial and antifungal, it is good for healing skin infections and reducing inflammation.

NOTE: Madonna Lily products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). All information provided is for educational purposes only. Madonna Lily products are not intended to replace medical diagnosis or treatment by a licensed physician or to treat, cure or prevent any disease

End of Life

This is the one plastic container you'll find in the shop. The reason for this is because body scrubs are often used in the shower where hands & containers can become very slippery. We do not want broken glass and cut feet, which would create a lot more plastic waste at the ER! 

Continue to reuse the container, or better yet, come by the shop to refill it! It is a #1 plastic which is the easiest to recycle. Lid can be sent to Terracycle for recycling.