Solid Gold Body Shimmer body care Madonna Lily
Solid Gold Body Shimmer body care Madonna Lily
Solid Gold Body Shimmer body care Madonna Lily
Madonna Lily

Solid Gold Body Shimmer Bar, 2 oz

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Get your shine on with this 100% preservative-free all natural concentrated body shimmer! Perfect for when you need to nourish your skin and let the world feel your glow at the same time!

Lotion Bar and Storage Tin sold separately! If you order only the tin you will receive an empty container-- double check your selection :)

Instructions: To use, simply rub it on your body, the heat of your hands will help melt all the good oils that you can then apply to any dry areas. Best when applied while damp and fresh out of the shower. This way more moisture will be locked into your skin. It’s as simple as that!


Lotion bars are not ideal for your face, as they are heavier and can clog pores.

Packaging for this product requires no plastic, instead it comes in a metal tin for storage, that’s perfect for travel and is even TSA friendly!

Lotion bars are heat sensitive, so do not leave in direct heat.

When you’re almost done with your bar, drop the remainder in your bathtub and enjoy the oils!

Warning: When ordering the lotion bars during hot months, you are taking the risk that they can melt on the way there. When you receive the package, we recommend sticking them in the fridge for a few hours before you first use them. Think of a bar of chocolate you forgot in the car on a hot summer day. It’s not ruined, it just needs to cool down a bit.

Ingredients: cocoa butter, shea butter, safflower oil , mica powder, vitamin E, ylang ylang oil.

COCOA BUTTER- Loaded with vitamins K and E and essential fatty acids, cocoa butter is a reparative moisturizer that helps protect and repair damaged skin.

SHEA BUTTER- Stimulates collagen production which helps grow new cells to restore and replace dead skin cells. Contains vitamins A, E, F, & D and is widely considered one of the best anti aging agents for the skin.

SAFFLOWER OIL- High in linoleic acid, which is both an analgesic and antioxidant and helps to prevent flaking of the skin. Safflower oil helps your skin to retain water and be more receptive to other ingredients.

YLANG YLANG OIL- Though best known for its soothing fragrance, which calms anxiety and feelings of distress, Ylang Ylang oil also balances your skin's oil production and relieves inflammation.


NOTE: Madonna Lily products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). All information provided is for educational purposes only. Madonna Lily  products are not intended to replace medical diagnosis or treatment by a licensed physician or to treat, cure or prevent any disease

End of Life

Reuse metal container to fill with another bar. Brown paper liner can be composted. If metal container becomes damaged beyond repair, recycle. For best results bring to a scrap metal facility.