Metal Spoon Rest
Metal Spoon Rest
Metal Spoon Rest
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Metal Spoon Rest

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Manage messy countertops and avoid the waste of paper towels by using a spoon rest while cooking at the stove. This is also a secondhand item so you save additional  resources from not buying new.

Sleek metal design is minimal and would match a variety of kitchen decor styles. 

Size & Design

Measures 8" long and 3.25" at widest spot. 

Likely stainless steel but not positive given that it has no markings. A few barely visible scratches- see photos. 


For best results, hand wash. Likely dishwasher safe but we haven't tried it.

End of Life

With proper care this should last a lifetime but if damaged beyond repair, metal has high recycling rates. For best results, bring to a scrap metal recycling facility rather than placing in a curbside residential bin.