Reusable NOTpaper Towels: Band Practice
Reusable NOTpaper Towels: Band Practice
Reusable NOTpaper Towels: Band Practice
Reusable NOTpaper Towels: Band Practice
Reusable NOTpaper Towels: Band Practice
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Reusable NOTpaper Towels: Band Practice

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Save trees with washable NOTpaper towels instead of single-use, disposable paper towels. Our towels are made from unused, rescued fabric remnants. They're 100% cotton flannel with cotton thread, and fully biodegradable.

Towels also ship in zero waste packaging! Any shipping overages will be refunded, particularly if combining with other items.

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Set of 12 does not come pre-rolled, for ease of shipping. But you can upcycle an old cardboard roll and the towels will cling together when rolled without the need for snaps. Or, store them in a basket or crock

Size is approx. 12" x 10," similar to regular paper towels.

Set comes with four band practice and 8 orange towels Colors may vary slightly in photographs vs reality. We try to capture their true essence as best as possible. If you have any questions please make sure to inquire in advance.

Towels are 1 ply and edges are serged for durability and to prevent fraying.

To re-roll your towels after washing, place them slightly overlapping one another for best utility in pulling them off the roll during use.


Machine wash, preferably in cold water (as that's also better for the environment!) Can be washed warm for messier situations. These are 100% cotton including the thread, so there's no need to put them in a laundry bag to catch plastic microfibers. Tumble dry but skip the dryer sheets, as they create a coating that make them less absorbent. But you CAN use zero waste wool dryer balls!

*Please note --> These are not pre-washed, so absorbency will increase after the first few washes.

End of Life

This product should last forever with proper care, but the fabric and thread are 100% compostable, just cut into smaller scraps. Or find a nearby textile recycling or Terracycle bin to recycle them.