Tulz Mega Ice Block Tray - Teal extra large silicone ice cube tray Fox Run
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Tulz Silicone Large Ice Cube Tray

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Wish your fancy drink would stay chilled longer?These mega cubes melt slower than traditional cubes, keeping your drink colder longer.

If you make your own veggie broth from vegetable scraps you can freeze your broth so it lasts longer in these pre-measured cubes (with easier storage than a jar!) and take out as many as you need to unthaw for your next soup!

The Tulz Mega Ice Block Tray creates six large 2" sized, 4 fl oz cubes.

Made of food-grade silicone, the tray's convenient, flexible construction provides easy release of ice cubes, is leak free and won't crack like plastic trays. 

For less spills, the tray will stay firm when filling and easily nests to double stack in the freezer. An easy solution to all your ice-related problems.

With proper care this should last a lifetime, but if damaged beyond repair, silicone can be recycled through Terracycle.