Sourdough Bread Bag
Sourdough Bread Bag
Sourdough Bread Bag
Sourdough Bread Bag
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Sourdough Bread Bag

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Are you looking for an alternative to plastic bread bags? These 100% all natural cotton bread bags allow bread to breathe, keeping it fresh and free of mold for longer.

The thread is also cotton, instead of polyester, making the bag compostable & biodegradable too! Bag is made new from unused cotton remnants.

They add a pretty country-vintage vibe to your countertop and reduce waste by replacing plastic and single-use disposable bags.

Size & Design

--Bags are 100% cotton including the thread, and are handmade new in Denver, CO.
--Plastic-free tie closure eliminates the need for excess materials, zippers, plastic buttons, etc.
-- 14" L x 14" H
--Keeps bread fresh for up to three days on the counter, fits round and rectangular loaves. Simply tuck in your loaf, roll down the top and secure it the cotton tie string.


Hand-rinse or machine wash on cold. Line-dry or tumble-dry low

End of Life

This product should last forever with proper care, but the fabric and thread are 100% compostable, just cut into smaller scraps. Or find a nearby textile recycling or Terracycle bin to recycle them.