Environmentally Friendly Readers Welcome!

Welcome to Vintage Green Review!

VGR suggests environmentally friendly ideas for everyday green living. My goal is to reduce our impact on the planet by making smarter choices about what we buy and how we reduce and reuse BEFORE we even need to recycle or throw something away. And have FUN doing it!

I don’t want to just create a blog that lists “better” stuff to buy. I want to create a community that is fun, kind, hopeful, and above all, effective.

Because … the lack of positivity about the planet’s future these days is really starting to get me down in a big way.

I think we could all rally around a positive, supportive community that brings more fun to being green, and reminds us of more positive aspects of our historic human connection to nature. So…

environmentally friendly community

VGR’s unique perspective combines a love of history and vintage with an interest in modern gadgets and gizmos.

I’m looking for products and habits from the past that can be combined with our modern life to determine new or reinvented options for green living—if they’re just new to you!

plastic-free living
Join our VGR community and help combat the plastic problem starting today!

To learn more about my environmentally friendly philosophy and approach, check out the About VGR page.

To find out which green projects are right for you, check out the What Shade of Green Are You? section for more instructions.

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