Join me for New Jar January!

Join me for New Jar January and start 2020 with your new low-waste goals!

New Jar January

Start your own new zero-waste jar and follow me on Instagram where I’ll be using the hashtag #newjarjanuary to document my waste each day. I’ll include an inside look at what goes in my jar, how I resolve difficult trash situations, and what’s happening behind the scenes with often-overlooked items.

Start your own jar and document your progress & challenges there too. If you didn’t start today, start tomorrow! Any time in January is a great time to begin.

As you may know, the zero/ low-waste movement has been popularized by the image of the zero-waste jar: zerowasters aim to reduce their landfill trash to less than an entire jar-full for the year or longer.

(If you’re new to zero waste, check out this short video and CNN article for an example, or this one by National Geographic)

They achieve less than a jar of trash per year by:

  • Buying what they can without any plastic wrap or packaging at all
    • Through package-free shops and pop-ups, or bulk and zero-waste stores
    • Buying secondhand items also cuts down on packaging, especially if you shop brick & mortar stores. You can also reuse bubble mailers + ask online sellers to skip plastic bags.
  • Choosing glass or metal over plastic.
    • Glass & metal are easier to recycle. They retain their quality & value unlike plastic that degrades & has flooded the market making it worthless and overwhelming.
  • Buy only things in plastic numbers you KNOW will be accepted by your city program. Very sparingly.
    • In New Orleans, this is ONLY plastic 1 and 2. NO 3 through 7.
  • Composting as much as possible, including all-natural, biodegradable items you may not think of i.e.:
    • paper towels, napkins, pizza boxes / other cardboard, paper, hair, yard trimmings, pet waste, or wood items such as toothbrush handles or wood stir sticks and toothpicks.
    • Composting systems vary widely. Some zero-wasters compost at home while others participate in their city drop off programs.

This might seem like a lot but once you’ve got a handle on your processes & preferences it just becomes a part of your everyday, normal life.

Keep in mind, the jar is not a black-and-white measure of success or failure. It’s just an ideal or a goal to aim for. It helps you audit your trash and identify areas where you’re generating the most waste so you can focus your attention there. It’s meant to be one tool of many, not a crippling standard that few people can actually reach.

Through my Instagram stories I’ll walk you through how I’m handling my jar each and every day. I’ll have one jar labeled for my personal trash and one for the trash generated by my business for full transparency!

So, if you’re ready to learn more about the benefits of zero waste and give it a try, join me for New Jar January!

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