Synthetic Fiber Closet Audit

Calling all type-A, checklist-loving eco-friends! I’ve created a FREE tool for readers to do your own synthetic fiber closet audit!

  • Use this tool to review your garments and get a sense of what percentage of your wardrobe comes from synthetic vs. natural fibers.
  • Keep a copy handy when doing your laundry to remind yourself which synthetic items need to be washed with a Cora Ball or Guppyfriend bag
  • Use this checklist with Marie Kondo’s Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up as you downsize your closet & keep only clothes that spark JOY!

You can download the free PDF version here and the free Word version here (You don’t need to give your email address but if you’d like to receive new posts from VGR, sign up to the right or at the bottom of the page!).

For more info and tips on textile recycling and reducing microfiber pollution, see my recent blog post here.

A note about the PDF version: Ideally I wanted this to be a completely fillable form so you wouldn’t need to print it. However, without more fine-tuned JavaScript skills, I wasn’t able to manually convert all of those columns to checkboxes. So, I’m posting the Word version as well for those who want to keep it digital.

Both documents copyright Vintage Green Review. Please feel free to share this resource with attribution.

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