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All Purpose Brush

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Add an all-natural touch to your home with the USDA Biobased certified All-Purpose Scrub Brush. This bamboo brush is designed to clean your veggies and fruit effectively and naturally using only renewable, plant-based materials. By using natural materials that are perfectly suited for the task, bambu brand carefully crafted a brush that’s free from plastics, glues, and chemicals of any kind.

This two-sided brush is thoughtfully designed to gently clean produce while removing even the most stubborn food debris. The soft Tampico side is designed for delicate vegetables, while the stiffer Tampico-Palmyra side is ideal for root crops. As an added bonus, this multi-purpose tool can also be used to deep clean countertops, appliances, and more.

No matter how you choose to use it, keep your brush in top condition with three simple steps: scrub, shake, and set. To use, wet the brush with warm water and scrub away. Once you’re ready to store it, rinse the brush with water and shake it out to remove excess water. Then, set it bristle-down for efficient drying. If you wish, you can sanitize your brush as needed by soaking the bristles in white vinegar for an hour before rinsing and air drying your tool.

It’s never been easier (or looked so good) to keep your kitchen plastic-free. The Multi-Purpose Veggie Brush features a thoughtfully crafted handle made from USDA certified organic bamboo and arrives in plastic-free packaging.


  • Size: 4 1/4" x 2 1/2"
  • Plastic-free packaging


Simple Care, Long Life

  • After use, rinse with warm water, then shake residual moisture out of bristles
  • Store brush bristle down in a ventilated area for optimal drying conditions
  • Optional: sanitize once a week by soaking bristles in distilled white vinegar for 1 hour. Rinse, shake, and let your newly clean brush air dry

End of Life

By choosing plant-based, renewable materials, we’ve ensured that a clean life cycle is possible for every Bambu product.

Before disposing of this brush, just as you would with bamboo or wood toothbrushes, use pliers to pull the bristles out and remove the small metal staples that hold bristles in place.

Once the staples are removed, the natural bristles can be sent to compost, and the brush handle can be safely discarded with yard debris. We recommend checking with your local service center to ensure that they accept this item. If you don't compost at home and it’s not accepted locally, consider using a service such as Terracycle to properly dispose of this item.