Are you a vintage store?

Nope! We sell new sustainable, plastic-free home goods, personal care products, gifts, and refills for nontoxic cleaning supplies, etc. The business actually started as a blog & educational website back in 2019 that explored life before plastic: how we met our needs before so much plastic pollution came around, and how sustainable products today are often inspired by history. It’s old made new again! That’s where the name Vintage Green Review comes from!


Can people bring their own containers to refill?

Yes- but they must be clean AND dry. Water or old product left in the bottle can compromise the quality & shelf life of the new products you’re filling. Even if water is listed as an ingredient in a product, it's often distilled water and in the correct proportion to other product ingredients, so if there's additional water left in a container it can still compromise the shelf life and quality of your refill purchase, even if the bottle is clean.

Do you make the products yourselves?

Nope! We don’t make any refills products ourselves--they're sourced from reputable, established small businesses in the U.S. and Canada. They’re closed loop & they take back their bulk containers to sanitize and reuse too!