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Zero Waste Gift Card

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Give a gift that works for anyone AND creates zero waste!

Digital Gift Cards are sent via email to the purchaser. From there you can forward it along immediately, schedule delivery so the timing is just right, or print out the code on paper and wrap it any way you like.

Vintage Green Bucks are redeemable through, in-store, or at any Vintage Green Review local pop up.

If you want a physical PAPER gift card, those must be purchased in-store.

Info for digital gift cards:

Choose the denomination you want, add to your cart, and checkout as normal for an online purchase. Then:

1.) Gift cards will be emailed to the purchaser at the email address you enter. We recommend sending the gift card to yourself so that you can then forward it to the recipient with a personalized message, or print out the paper confirmation and wrap it any way you like!

2.) Bigger email domains often work better so if you have a personal email address with one of these accounts it may be better than using a work or school address. Sometimes smaller business email servers can block the email being sent and reroute it as spam. Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, email addresses tend not to have this issue.

3.) You can also add to your address book to help your email server recognize the address

4.) If you do not see the gift card in your inbox after 15 minutes, please CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER.

If it's not there, please message me at info@vintagegreenreview or send me a DM on Instagram and I can resend the gift card.