Bathroom Starter Set
Bathroom Starter Set
Bathroom Starter Set

Bathroom Starter Set

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Transform the dirtiest room in the house into the cleanest with our Bathroom Cleaner that’s all power, no plastic. From your tub to your tile, plant-based ingredients work hard to wash away soap scum and grime without any of the harsh chemicals. Just fill with water, drop in a tablet and voila! You're one spray away from a cleaner bathroom and planet.

Each unit contains 1 Forever Bottle and 1 Eucalyptus Mint Tablet

Each Tablet makes 24oz of cleaner

No harmful chemicals - free of chlorine bleach, hydrochloric acid and CTAC

Fully compostable tablet wrapper and recycled packaging

  • Scent: A refreshing and crisp Eucalyptus Mint uplifts and cleans all in one wipe
  • Clean Ingredients: Made with plant-based and planet-friendly ingredients
  • Effective: Independently tested to perform alongside major brands
  • Save Space & Money: Tablets take up 10x less space than a traditional bottle