Bamboo Toilet Paper toilet paper PlantPaper
Bamboo Toilet Paper toilet paper PlantPaper
Bamboo Toilet Paper toilet paper PlantPaper

Bamboo Toilet Paper, Box of 8 rolls

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Made from soft, fast-growing, FSC-certified bamboo. Never from trees. Stronger, more absorbent, and made entirely without the use of bleaching agents and other harmful chemicals. PlantPAPER is a 21st century solution to an age-old problem.

PlantPaper’s chipboard carton is 100% recycled, recyclable and compostable. Uncoated and free of harmful dyes, our 8-roll boxes are backed by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

  • Soft, strong, and septic safe
  • 100% Organic, FSC certified bamboo
  • No harsh chemicals like bleach, formaldehyde, chlorine or dyes
  • Totally chlorine free and BPA free
  • 3 ply sheets with 20% more surface area than most
  • Double sided dimple pattern
  • Packaged 100% plastic free in 100% recycled chipboard cartons or paper wraps (for individual rolls)

PlantPaper rolls are made of FSC Certified, organically grown bamboo pulp harvested in China. Bamboo is one of the world’s fastest growing plants, capable of growing up to three feet in 24 hours. It requires little water, no fertilizer and regenerates on its own after cutting. The more regularly bamboo is harvested, the faster it grows.

We’re thrilled with the way bamboo performs in PlantPaper, both from a human health and environmental perspective—views that are always two sides of the same coin. But bamboo isn’t the be-all-and-end-all when it comes to plant materials suitable for making toilet paper. Expect ever lower-impact, more innovative sources of paper pulp in the months and years to come.

Contains no chemicals
Turning hard wood into soft paper isn't easy. It requires 37 gallons of water per roll and a gallon of toxic chemicals like bleach and formaldehyde. These chemicals poison our waterways and accumulate in our bodies, leading to UTIs, hemorrhoids and fissures. PlantPaper uses soft, resilient plant pulp that requires less processing and no harsh chemicals or bleach, making it softer on you and the environment.

Leave No Trace
Toilet paper is supposed to leave you feeling clean, but is yours really getting the job done? Even the softest, strongest tree paper pills, shreds and tears, leaving unwanted artifact behind. PlantPaper's silky, strong fibers, along with its unique dimpled pattern, means it performs better and leaves nothing behind.

Harms No Trees
27,000 trees per day get flushed down the world's toilets. This results in an irreversible loss of animal habitat, destruction of the world's most important carbon sinks, and soil erosion. PlantPaper is derived exclusively from fast-growing, renewable sources of plant pulp.

Recycled toilet paper is better, but far from perfect. It also contains BPA, a known endocrine disruptor that finds its way into the recycling stream through receipts. As the world uses less office paper, BPA content in recycled toilet paper will continue to climb.

Safe for Septic

You bet! PlantPaper breaks down easily in septic systems. To see for yourself, try this test at home:

1. Put 4 squares of PlantPaper in a glass jar. 

2. Fill the jar ¾ full.

3. Put back on the lid and shake heavily for 10 seconds.

4. If the paper has broken down into small pieces (it will!), then it’s septic-safe.

Compared to other 2- and 3-ply premium toilet paper brands, whether tree- or bamboo-based, PlantPaper breaks down quickly and completely.

According to leading plumbers, the majority of clogs are not the result of a change in paper, but rather due to underlying bellies and back-ups in the pipes that gradually worsen over time.  Still, no matter what paper you’re using, if you’re a heavy wiper (you use more than 10-15 sheets of toilet paper per visit), consider flushing midway to reduce stress on your system. And consider passing the word along to your children: plumbers report that teenagers especially often use far more toilet paper than necessary.

*There’s no truly universal measure of septic safety, because no two septic or plumbing systems are exactly alike. But toilet paper that passes this test will pass easily through almost almost any well-maintained plumbing system.

For more FAQs, visit the PlantPaper website here.

Customer Reviews

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Frances M.B.

I am delighted to find the environmentally friendly articles I am looking for in a local store.

Susan N.D.
bamboo toilet paper

I was skeptical and thought it would be scratchy. But it's actually great, soft and absorbent so you don’t use a lot and a roll lasts a while.

Olivia C.
Just like other toilet paper!

The only difference is that it's not bleached, so it's more of a brown color instead of white.

Good quality!

The rolls last about as long the bigger/thicker "conventional" paper rolls I used to buy. (Only complaint: the boxes they come in fall apart too easily – they should use better glue and/or redesign the way they fold.)

Mariah H.

Bamboo Toilet Paper