Revival Wood and Leather Conditioner, 4 oz
Revival Wood and Leather Conditioner, 4 oz
Revival Wood and Leather Conditioner, 4 oz
Humble Suds

Revival Wood and Leather Conditioner, 4 oz

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Revive your wood and leather goods with Humble Suds Revival organic conditioning balm. Breathe life back into wood and leather wares like: 

Shoes + Boots
Belts + Bags + Accessories
Auto Upholstery
Furniture + Fixtures
Wood Cutting Boards
Butcher Blocks

Leather Shoes + Boots: Only for use on smooth, polished leathers. Not for use on suede or unbuckle. Prior to applying Revival, dust off any dirt and debris so the balm can be readily absorbed. Rub Revival in with a cloth and buff with a brush.

Wood Cutting Boards: Revival is food surface save and 100% free of petroleum-based mineral oils. Make sure your card is clean and dry before applying Revival. You can condition your board monthly or as often as you want.

Auto Upholstery: Only use on leather. Revival restores color loss by heat and UV rays. Also, excellent for removing gum or scuffs. Apply Revival to area with fading, gum, or scuff and carefully work into leather. 

General Cleaning Directions: For best results, remove excess grim and dust from your item with a clean, damp cloth prior to treatment. Let item dry completely and spot test prior to application. Apply with a clean cloth in circular motions. Take care to use a clean portion of the cloth each time you apply more Revival to your item. 

Store Revival in a cool, dry place.

Ingredients: Organic cold expeller-pressed virgin coconut oil, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic raw beeswax, vegetable glycerin, grapefruit oil, lemongrass oil.