5 Natural Specialty Cleaners You Should Know About for Wood, Leather, Metal, and More!

Here are 5 of our best natural cleaning products for wood, leather, metal, and carpet that go beyond just an all-purpose surface spray-- because sometimes you need something more specific!
These are available at our refill store on Magazine Street in New Orleans (3530 Magazine St), or online with carbon-neutral, plastic-free shipping at VintageGreenReview.com 

1.) Leather Balm:

Made from coconut oil, beeswax, and cocoa butter this leather balm will

protect and condition your cherished leather goods, keeping them soft and water resistant. Ideal for leather shoes, boots, jackets, and more.

Use leather balm to protect against and minimize damage from water, excessive heat, and everyday wear. The carefully formulated blend features the nourishing properties of coconut oil and cocoa butter, providing optimal conditioning and remarkable softness. To ensure it maximizes protection, Lovett incorporated the natural shielding abilities of locally farmed beeswax, effectively creating a water-resistant barrier.

Experience the transformative power of all-natural leather balm, designed to maintain your leather's impeccable condition and extend its lifespan effortlessly.

To use  balm, simply:

  • Wipe off any dirt, dust, or grime with a lightly dampened microfiber cloth.
  • Allow the leather to dry completely.
  • Rub a light layer of balm onto leather goods using a soft, dry cloth to keep them supple and water-resistant.
Natural Waterproof Leather Balm

2.) Scour Paste:

Formulated to clean tubs, sinks, stove tops, ovens, pots and pans and more. Great for sprucing up vintage treasures. It’s also food safe! 

This long-lasting cleaning paste washes away germs leaving your surfaces clean, shiny and deodorized. It has more uses than we can count. Gross grout? Scour will bust through it with little effort. Grimy pots & pans? Using Scour will greatly reduce scrubbing time and neutralize food smells. Scummy sink or smelly garbage disposal? Just add Scour! It's THAT good.

No need to worry about harmful residues or fumes left behind or anything harmful absorbing in your skin. You can actually use this all surface scrub as a hand soap and veggie scrub.

Powerful citrus essential oils lend extra cleaning strength and break up grease, while purifying your indoor air quality and boosting your mood too.

Natural Scour Paste for Pots, Pans, Metal, Vintage items


3.) Cutting Board Conditioner:

This liquid coconut oil saturates the wood fibers, stopping other liquids from soaking in and keeping your board from getting dry, brittle, and warped. Lovett Sundries’ cutting board conditioner protects your beautiful wooden cutting boards and butcher blocks. With all-natural coconut oil that protects and moisturizes, you can make your wooden kitchenware and tableware last for generations.

Simply rub down your cutting board or butcher block with a paper towel or rag with our cutting board conditioner. The liquid coconut oil will condition the wood to prevent drying and cracking and enhance the wood’s natural resistance to excess moisture and stains. We recommend applying this cutting board conditioner to your butcher block or cutting board every few weeks at least.

It also works on hardwood and bamboo. Use it on wooden dishware (salad bowls, plates, etc.) and wooden utensils. The all-natural fractionated coconut oil is 100 percent food-safe for each batch of cutting board conditioner.

Lovett Sundries’ kitchen products are always cruelty-free, all-natural, and zero-waste. Furthermore, we make every bottle of cutting board conditioner in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, so you can feel good about supporting real people making real goods.


Natural Nontoxic Cutting Board Conditioner

4.) Wood & Leather Revival Conditioner:

Want a 2-in-1 product? This revival conditioner can
breathe life back into wood, leather wares, furniture and more! 

Revive your wood and leather goods with Humble Suds Revival organic conditioning balm. Breathe life back into wood and leather wares like: 

Shoes + Boots
Belts + Bags + Accessories
Auto Upholstery
Furniture + Fixtures
Wood Cutting Boards
Butcher Blocks

Leather Shoes + Boots: Only for use on smooth, polished leathers. Not for use on suede or unbuckle. Prior to applying Revival, dust off any dirt and debris so the balm can be readily absorbed. Rub Revival in with a cloth and buff with a brush.

Wood Cutting Boards: Revival is food surface save and 100% free of petroleum-based mineral oils. Make sure your card is clean and dry before applying Revival. You can condition your board monthly or as often as you want.

Auto Upholstery: Only use on leather. Revival restores color loss by heat and UV rays. Also, excellent for removing gum or scuffs. Apply Revival to area with fading, gum, or scuff and carefully work into leather. 

General Cleaning Directions: For best results, remove excess grim and dust from your item with a clean, damp cloth prior to treatment. Let item dry completely and spot test prior to application. Apply with a clean cloth in circular motions. Take care to use a clean portion of the cloth each time you apply more Revival to your item. 

Natural Nontoxic Wood and leather conditioner

5.) Carpet Refresh:

Looking to refresh your space? Simply sprinkle our carpet freshener onto the carpet, let sit, and vacuum to transform your home! Available in a floral lavender + ylang ylang, made with sodium bicarbonate and scented with natural essential oils. 

Sprinkle on, let it sit, vacuum off!

Natural Nontoxic FD Market Co Carpet deodorizer and refresh

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